Professional carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California.

When it comes to you house or boat, and even RV, call the best carpet cleaners in Newport Beach. This time around one of our long time customers had called us to get boat carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California. Of course that this time of the year it means getting ready for the parade. The Newport Beach boat parade is a yearly event. And due to the heavier use of the local boats and yachts, many of the boat owners are calling for a carpet cleaning service. However, this boat carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California was a special one. The boat was not docked so close to the parking structure and we hade to get very creative with it. In addition, the carpet on the boast was very dirty and stained all over. Therefore, our goal was to clean it with our truck mount and not portable machine.

Difficult set up for our carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California.

As you can tell in the photo on this article, the reach for the boast was roughly 150 Ln Ft. Now, when it comes to stretching our hose over water it gets a bit tricky. We had to use one of the smaller boast that is meant to help with servicing the dick in order to reach with our hose across the water. It was truly a challenging, yet, rewarding carpet cleaning experience. However, the most important thing is that we were able to reach the boast and get a real deep cleaning and psotting on it.

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Newport Beach, California.

In some cases when the carpet is having a much faster pace of dirt and stains than the cleaning, it wares out very quickly. In addition, for us to be able to reover 2 years lack of maintenance, the task is a very tough one. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you get your carpets cleaned at least once a year. However, twice a year is what we recommend in order to keep a great looking carpet for many years.Nevertheless, on this boat carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California, we had used a very strong formula in order to reach as deep as we can into the carpet and remove all the foot traffic and black spots from all around.For more information about our deep carpet cleaning in Newport Beach, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Costa Mesa.