Second to Non Deep Carpet Cleanign in Costa Mesa, California.

One of our recent carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa was a typical move out carpet cleaning. As we arrive to the job the carpet is filled with car hair and vomit/urine stains on the carpet. In addition, the room is set so there is a clear path between the back yard and the inside door into the house. Therefore, a truly heavy foot traffic lane was built over the span of two years the customers lived there. Also, the customer mentioned they did not clean the carpet professioanlly the whole time. So, we realized what we are facing and brought in the heavy duty carpet cleaning products.We are known for our Dr. Carpet pet stain removal formula that works great on urine, vomit and even diarrhea. So, off we go to treat around the carpet before we set up to give it extra time to settle in the carpet and dissolve the stains. Please take a look at the attached photo to get a better understanding of the original condition.

Deep Carpet Cleaning in Costa Mesa For Experts Only.

Not only our great carpet cleaning products necessary for a true deep carpet cleaning service, but also good amount of agitation. On this carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa job we faced a harder than usual case. The reason is the carpet was not cleaned professionally for two years. However, the customer did attempt to remove the stains over time with over the counter products. As we always mentioned, please do not use any over the counter products. It would be much better to let the stain be there until a professonal carpet cleaner arrives, as some products will block the stain on the carpet.

Professional carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa, California.

If you are searching for a local carpet cleaning service that can offer true expertise with  your carpet, we advise to ask many questions in order to know the true specs of the company. Dr. Carpet Costa Mesa is among the oldest carpet cleaning services in Costa Mesa, California. With many thousands of happy carpet cleaning customers in Orange County, we can offer you the best carpet cleaning experience and top notch results that would last for a long time.For more information about our deep carpet cleaning in Costa Mesa, California, please contact Dr. Carpet Costa Mesa.