Carpet Cleaning Pet Stains in Costa Mesa

Costa Mesa, CA, is known for its large pet community. With a vibrant dog park it offer its residents great solutions for getting their pet’s workout on. However, did it ever happen to you that you have returned from the dog park and your dog had flees? Well, the answer is probably yes, and it happened to most of us if not all of us. Before you notice, the dog has been around the house, and in some cases on the couch and maybe even your bed. Now you have to find a solution for the flees all over the place. For that reason and many more we offer our top of the line carpet cleaning for pet stains and pet incidents.

Pet stains and odor removal

In addition to flees around the house, really the biggest issue for our clients is pet stains and odor removal. Everyone of us has been through it and will probably face this issue again in the future. especially in the first six month of having a pet we face daily pet stains. Moreover, with time these stains, as small as they might be, are starting to smell bad. The dog urine is full of bacteria and Ammonia. Therefore, your carpet could also change color at the spot of the pet accident. However, the biggest issue is the bacteria that penetrates to your carpet and starting to grow rapidly. Also, this bacteria is what causes the terrible stench in your home. Therefore, we highly recommend to keep a good maintenance plan on your carpet when you have pets in the house. It will improve the atmosphere and over all feel at the house.

Dr. Carpet Costa Mesa is expert in removing pet stains

Over the years we have made it our goal to become experts in removing pet stains and pet odor. Pet accidents have become one of the main causes for carpet cleaning nowadays. Moreover, it became the main cause for same day carpet cleaning service.In order to deal with the pet stains in the proper way we use the most potent carpet cleaning product for pet stains. We use 100% pure enzyme on your carpet. That leads to immediate and long lasting results.For more information about our carpet cleaning pet stains and odor removal service, please contact Dr. Carpet Costa Mesa.